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30 Minutes - $30.00

60 Minutes $50.00


For those who wish to have the gift of healing to be practiced on self and others, we offer Traditional Reiki classes. Reiki is a certified program and recognized healing modality. There are four levels of Reiki:

Level One:

  • The emphasis of healing is on self, with the goal to create unity of mind, body and spirit byfollowing the Reiki ideals 
  • Four attunements to the Reiki energy
  • Hand positions on self and treatment of others
  • The history of Reiki and Usui system of natural healing
  • Cost: $200 including manual

This workshop can be taught over one or two days, depending on the number attending.

Level Two:

  • Three attunements and instruction on the original symbols as taught by Mikao Usui
  • How to send distance Reiki to increase mental, emotional and spiritual healing processes
  • Cost: $500 including manual

This workshop can be taught over one or two days depending on number attending.

Level Three:

  • Students receive the Master symbol and one attunement, as well as instruction on how to use the symbol and its intended use
  • A review of first and second level ReikiOne day workshop.

Level Four: 

  • This is Master/Teacher training
  • Instruction on how to give all attunements
  • Instruction on how to present all levels of Reiki to your students

A comprehensive three-day course.